Music by Arthur Sullivan, Libretto by W. S. Gilbert

Exeter Northcott, 2017

Directed by Sky Cottis

The witch’s curse: one that forces any man who bares the title of Baronet of Ruddigore to commit a crime every day, or die. Surely this curse won’t come back to haunt Robin Oakapple (a simple farmer) as he tries to woo the virtuous Rose Maybud. Unless, he is revealed to be Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd, the rightful Baronet of Ruddigore, who faked his own death to escape the accursed title. With the help of his trusty manservant Old Adam, Robin will have to face challenges from some of the people closest to him; Richard Dauntless, his foster-brother, who also seeks Rose for himself, his real brother, Sir Despard, who for twenty years assumed the title of Baronet of Ruddigore, and a meddling picture gallery of ancestors. 



Robin - Sam Foster

Rose - Hannah Lucy Timson

Richard - Edward Dunne

Despard - James Stevenson

Dame Hannah - Saffron Pughe

Mad Margret - Darcy Keeble Watson

Roderick - Hugo Wickham

Old Adam - Aled Jones


Lizzy Alexander

Emma Berridge

Anna Townhill

Melissa Williamson

Lydia Johnson

Izzy Tonnesen

Izzy Dipple

Emilie Barrett

Hannah Clancy

Amelia Hall

Leigh Spence

Bethia Atkinson

Daniel Toney

Stuart Duncan

George Newman

Charles Prosser

Alexander Spacey


Director - Sky Cottis

Producers - Siobhan McAuley & Julia Naud

Choreographer - Grace Webb

Musical Director - Alex Gordon

Costume & Make Up - Helena Freund

Laura Novak

Hannah Clancy

Amy Hopkins