Little shop of horrors

Music by Alan Menken, Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman
Exeter Phoenix 2018

Shotgun Theatre

Seymour Krelborn, a meek and dejected florist’s assistant, stumbles upon a strange and interesting new plant which he affectionately names “Audrey II” after his crush at Mushnik’s Skid Row Florist’s.

After spending weeks trying to get Audrey II to thrive, Seymour pricks himself on a rose’s thorn and discovers Audrey II’s unquenchable thirst for human blood! As the carnivorous plant grows bigger and meaner, she offers Seymour unlimited fame, fortune and Audrey’s love. But is he willing to do what it takes to get out of Skid Row, no matter the consequences?


This interpretation of Little Shop re-imagined the iconic musical by bringing the voice of Audrey II onto the stage on an upstage balcony and castings two male lead roles as women.


Seymour Krelborn - Sean Wareing

Audrey - Saffron Wainwright

[Ms] Mushnik - Rachael Crozier

Orin Scrivello - Tom Dean

Ronnette - Emily-Rose Stead

Crystal - Darcie Cochrane

Chiffon - Gina Rees

Audrey II - Alma Crespo

Puppeteer & Ensemble - Connor Spence & Stan Gordon


Keys 1 - Reece Fitzgerald

Keys 2 - Danny Lay

Reed 1 - Anna Willis

Reed 2 - Rachael Lyons & Rachel Lennon

Trumpet 1 - Kim Zoe Fletcher-Bott

Bass - Ryan Mulgrew

Drums - Tom Benson

Percussion - Hannah Taylor


Director - Siobhan McAuley

Producer - Jonathan Taylor

Assistant Director - Rachael Crozier

Assistant Producer - Kirsty Hibbert

Musical Director - Robert Wingfield

Vocal Coach- Reece Fitzgerald

Costume Manager - Lily Roberts

Lighting Designers - Maddie Lee & Reece Fitzgerald

Sound Designer - Will Surridge

Stage Manager - Bry Aird

Puppet Hire - Scenetec

Set Design - Reece Fitzgerald, Siobhan McAuley & Jonathan Taylor

ASM - Rebecca Baynes, Mimi Ridge & Becca Hanley

Costume Assistant - Evie Roberts

Poster Design - Oli Weaver



'I too was entranced by this zany tale of love, murder, and horticulture'

'The characters were played to perfection, complete with comically exaggerated accents and mannerisms.'

'Shotgun Theatre have truly done justice to this cult classic' - Expose (January 23rd, 2018)


'The combination of the talented cast, the fantastic choreography and impressive harmonies, made it a show not to be missed!' - Her Campus (January 19th, 2018)


'refreshing interpretation'

'daring and ambitious approach' - Razz Magazine (January 23rd, 2018)