Lily and the octopus

MA Project with ALRA North

A story about how it feels to love fiercely, the bravery in letting go, sexuality and how the fight for those we love is the greatest fight of all.  

Adapted by Siobhan from the novel 'Lily and the Octopus' by Steven Rowley to an invited audience, the final project piece for MA Directing at ALRA North, October 2020. 


Ted - Patrick Price

Lily - Jessica Woodward

Jenny/The Octopus - Gemma Jones

Trent/Vet - Curtis Ledsham


Director/Adaptor - Siobhan McAuley

Light/Sound - Ellie Whitfield

Puppet - Alison Duddle


Course Leader - Chris Hill

Head of Production - David Ford

Production Manager - Mell Bird

Costume - Samantha Ackerley