Siobhan is a Northern based storyteller, director and assistant director passionate about making work for theatre, video games and radio. She has previous experience working with puppetry, musicals, storytelling, facilitating, movement and voice. 

Siobhan enjoys creating work packed with authenticity and heart that feels honest and spontaneous in performance. She is interested in working with the mediums of performance/motion capture, puppetry and storytelling; this is sparked by a desire to focus on imagination and play through stripping performing down to its core when exploring the work. She focuses on more of an 'outside in' approach to directing, and is loves exploring the presence of body and objects in a space, physicalization and bodily communication.


Within the rehearsal space Siobhan creates an environment that supports free creativity through dialogue and physical exploration, and actively promotes a safe working environment for creativity.

In October 2019 Siobhan participated in an international skills exchange residency with ALRA North in Japan which saw both British and Japanese directors and actors working together to explore their practise and exchange ideas. 


MA Directing, ALRA North, 2020

BA Drama, University of Exeter, 2018


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